This is Lobo! He pulls..and pulls..and well, PULLS! His mom described his pulling as, “an empty ketchup bottle noise.” So we went from empty ketchup bottle, to easy full bottle squeezing!

Bandit’s mom struggled with leash pulling, dog reactivity, and MEN reactivity! Watch the video to see him pass all of those struggles with flying colors!

Here’s Bandit and his mom during their owner lesson passing by other pups and TONS of men!

Oh Lucy! The young Golden Retriever pup who hasn’t received any type of formal training. She’s used to being in charge, and you see that within a matter of minutes, she was in the follower position.

Jax! The first clips are of Jax walking with his mom. She had a difficult time being able to walk him because he was very much afraid of the world. We showed him a new life and how he doesn’t have to be so scared, and it resulted into him becoming a confident, nice loose leash walker!

Jax’s Go-Home session was awesome!